Dine-in & curbside pickup from 5-9pm; Closed Tuesday - OPENING AT 4PM ON MOTHER'S DAY, SUNDAY, MAY 14



Michael and Laura’s combined restaurant experience of over 65 years offers clients the benefit of diverse sets of knowledge.

We can offer the tools for you to become a proactive and knowledgeable restauranteur, directing a motivated team excited to move forward together.

If you are planning a new business or salvaging a current business, we are available to get you on track & lead you in the right direction.

Our assistance in opening a new business can offer every opportunity to succeed from the very beginning.

Many restaurants wait until it is too late to get the help they need, but investing in consulting can mean the difference between recovery and failure.

Areas of work:

  • Start up development / Business plans (from concept to location, demographic studies, kitchen design, inventories & everything in between)
  • Menu development with focus on eye appeal, consistency, food cost, demographics, location
  • Handbooks & policies / Staff training / Standardized forms
  • P&L Reviews / Full assessment with troubleshooting
  • Mystery guest & assessment of establishment from a guest’s perspective
  • Mystery employee-undercover “employee” - learn what is really happening behind the scenes.
  • Clean up/new staff interviews, training, etc.
  • Marketing & promotion
  • Staff incentive programs

Costs are dependent upon the extent of the consultation. Please inquire.