Dine-in & curbside pickup from 5-9pm; Closed Tuesday - OPENING AT 4PM ON MOTHER'S DAY, SUNDAY, MAY 14

dinner dish at michaels on the hill


Michael’s on the Hill is committed to protecting the environment and we are always striving to make improvements to lessen our impact.

We encourage others to join us in conserving our natural resources, reducing waste generation and use of toxic materials, recycling, purchasing recycled products and pollution prevention.

Through a variety of venues, Michael educates the public on the importance of eating locally produced products and is particularly interested in teaching children and parents of the personal and global benefits.

His goal is to connect people to the community of dedicated people who nurture and produce our food products with those who are devoted to the concept of eating local, clean and sustainably. Everyone benefits, from grower and forager to diner, through a mutual respect for food and environment.

Laura started the Stowe Culinary Classic Festival  in 2007 to promote eating local in Vermont and to celebrate all of the wonderful culinary artisans within our state. A main goal has always been to raise funds for organizations and those in need such as Hunger Free Vermont. Michael and Laura have both spent time with local school kids in Waterbury, Stowe and Morrisville, teaching about nutrition, motivating them to make smart choices for themselves and the environment, and assisting them in their future career choices.

We do our best to pay it forward and spread the love whenever we can.